The Situation

The AHADEPA school is a non-government community funded school in Carrefour Haiti which UHUK began supporting in 2009.

The school has been operating since 11th September 2006 and the number of students went up to 169 pupils. Headteacher Ricot Osias has been dedicated to the school from the start and is eager to help in the development of his community, where too many children are unable to attend school and achieve any kind of formal education because their parents do not have the means to provide for them.

Since 2012, UHUK started to rent a plot of land (current location) for the children to have class and donated money for school supplies.

Four classrooms are located in a big tent provided by ADRA (Agence du Development Rural Adventiste) while two others are located in a shed. Both structures are quite frail and time-worn. For instance, classes are canceled when it is raining due to leaks or if the weather brings strong winds such as during the cyclone season.

This was considered as temporary solutions during the post-earthquake period in 2010 but it remained the current situation due to difficulties to find a piece of land to purchase.

Hygiene status is enough to get the Education Ministry attestation although there is room for improvement. There are a couple of “pit latrines” for both genders as well as a urinal area.

Without running water at school, students have to buy pockets of drinkable water when they are thirsty which is a problem if they cannot afford it.

UHUK struggled since 2010 to find a piece of land to buy due to ownership conflicts in the area and an extremely slow process to update land ownership by the DGI (Direction Generale des Impots). Nevertheless, the purchase of a piece of land was finalized in 2015 and a wall was built around it to avoid land theft.

The next steps will be for UHUK to build a sustainable AHADEPA school to gain more autonomy and carry on its mission to alleviate extreme conditions through education. Check out the dream. Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

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The author

United Haitians in the United Kingdom strive to make a positive contribution in the development of Haiti by supporting community educational projects. We also keep the Haitian culture alive in the United Kingdom by organising various events.