The Dream

The AHADEPA school was created in 2006 for kids who were not going to school because their parents could not afford it (most schools are private in Haiti and many unregulated). After giving classes in a church prior 2010 and under tents ever since, our wish is for the ten years of existence of the school to be able to settle in a safe environment that would foster the dissemination of knowledge.

The ultimate goal of the AHADEPA PROJECT is to create a sustainable environment where the school could be totally autonomous. The plan is to provide the following:

  • In the morning, classes to kids from families in financial distress for very low fees (or no fees).
  • In the afternoon, professional courses and workshops for adults at reasonable prices that will be used to run the school and pay the teachers wages. Co-directors Ricot Osias and Maitre Innocent are currently preparing a plan regarding those professional workshops with craftsmen within the community.
  • one energy packed snack a day per kids until the school can afford to provide a meal
  • annual visits of professionals from the UK to train people from the community (long term)

The cost of the school is based on a final quote selected out of three different builders. The selected company includes buildings for the government in their portfolio. We tried to lower the cost has much as we could but anti-seismic structures and materials coming from America are preferred in the industry and we would like for the school to last generations.

The piece of land bought by UHUK last year has been protected with a wall to avoid theft and later keep the students on the premises.

Engineer plans of the two storey school and costs breakdown have also been provided.

Why we need your help

When children and teachers of the AHADEPA are willing to endure extreme challenges to ensure this generation has the necessary skills to have a brighter future, we personally feel it is our responsibility to assist them as they become empowered.

This is where your support is so essential. We need you to assist UHUK in building the AHADEPA school that will provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for the children.

These children are Haiti’s future and with the correct guidance, support and education they can become the leaders of tomorrow and take Haiti forward into its promising future.

Please join us in this mission.
Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

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The author

United Haitians in the United Kingdom strive to make a positive contribution in the development of Haiti by supporting community educational projects. We also keep the Haitian culture alive in the United Kingdom by organising various events.