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Since 2009, UHUK have been supporting the AHADEPA school, a community initiative providing education to children from families in extreme financial distress. Following the 2010 Earthquake, the school not only lost the church hosting their classrooms but some of the students suffered injuries and one life was lost. Despite such devastation the children returned to school within four months and continued to study under a tent which was donated on a plot of land rented by UHUK. That tent is still in use today.

After four years of struggle due to difficult administrative procedures related to land ownership, UHUK successfully purchased of a piece of land in 2015.

Now we’ve started the AHADEPA PROJECT to raise funds to finance the construction of a new sustainable and anti-seismic school in 2016. Please consider making a donation today to help make this possible!


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The author

United Haitians in the United Kingdom strive to make a positive contribution in the development of Haiti by supporting community educational projects. We also keep the Haitian culture alive in the United Kingdom by organising various events.

2 thoughts on “Crowdfunding campaign”

  1. The incredible work you are doing is brilliant, impressive and inspiring. Many congratulations on the purchase of land for the school – to have navigated Haiti’s complex systems and procedures is close to miraculous!!

    I wish all at the project well and that your efforts now and in the future continue to be successful

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Noleen, indeed the purchase of the land was a tough one!
      Hopefully we’ll manage to finally build the school soon.
      Don’t forget to spread the word and thank you for your crowdfunding contribution 😉

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