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Teacher Domond

Discover teacher’s Domond dedication to the AHADEPA school where he is teaching as well as taking care of children safety around the premises. Observe the will to educate against all odds while teacher Domond works in another school every afternoon as well as the hope gained from spirituality when the teacher becomes the preacher in his local church in the evening. Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

GOOD MORNING Education as a higher calling


Teacher Wilfrid Domond lives with his wife in a small shed not too far from the school. Half of the unique room is full of books about education and religion. He is actually giving the sermon during the school morning activities before class which include prayers, National anthem singing and stretching.

I wish we had more books to know more about other cultural, political and educative systems Wilfrid Domond


Classes run from 8:30am to 12pm or 1pm with a break at 10am. Teacher Domond is also responsible for the pupils security outside the school when those who can afford it get out to buy snacks during breaks.

Support students Bringing them to the other side


On the way back to school, teacher Domond escorts a few pupils who live in his neighborhood due to a busy and dangerous road to cross in between. In the afternoon, Maitre Domond teaches in another school from 2PM to 5PM.



Evenings are dedicated to church. When Maitre Domond is not preaching, he is simply attending the cult with his wife and the community.

Found out about how teacher Domond manages kids hunger and where his wife works at the school in the photo book.