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Teacher Domond

Discover teacher’s Domond dedication to the AHADEPA school where he is teaching as well as taking care of children safety around the premises. Observe the will to educate against all odds while teacher Domond works in another school every afternoon as well as the hope gained from spirituality when the teacher becomes the preacher in his local church in the evening. Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

GOOD MORNING Education as a higher calling


Teacher Wilfrid Domond lives with his wife in a small shed not too far from the school. Half of the unique room is full of books about education and religion. He is actually giving the sermon during the school morning activities before class which include prayers, National anthem singing and stretching.

I wish we had more books to know more about other cultural, political and educative systems Wilfrid Domond


Classes run from 8:30am to 12pm or 1pm with a break at 10am. Teacher Domond is also responsible for the pupils security outside the school when those who can afford it get out to buy snacks during breaks.

Support students Bringing them to the other side


On the way back to school, teacher Domond escorts a few pupils who live in his neighborhood due to a busy and dangerous road to cross in between. In the afternoon, Maitre Domond teaches in another school from 2PM to 5PM.



Evenings are dedicated to church. When Maitre Domond is not preaching, he is simply attending the cult with his wife and the community.

Found out about how teacher Domond manages kids hunger and where his wife works at the school in the photo book.


Pupils Bechilove & Benaldson

Meet the Exume family, the children Bechilove and Benaldson, the parents Chera and Benadi. Explore the parents’ difficulties to make ends meet, the children positive attitude towards school and learning, the realities of many families from the AHADEPA community simply aspiring for a better life. Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

GOOD MORNING Love and determination


The Exume family is getting the kids ready for school. Rice and bean sauce for breakfast followed by hair styling, shower, and shoe cleaning. Mother Chera is currently struggling with different small jobs every day, mostly selling in the streets various items bought in bulk. Father Benadi lost his job lately and is trying to find handyman jobs around.



Students start the day with morning activities including singing the national anthem, prayers and a stretching session.

Flexible Hours Learning on empty bellies


Benaldson and Bechilove are lucky to eat twice or three times a day. Some of their schoolmates only eat once a day hence the school finishing at 12PM instead of 2PM sometimes due to kids hunger.

Kids first Provide for one's family


Kids have rice and peas for lunch, parents eat once a day and have lunch if there are leftovers. Chera goes back to work in the afternoon while Benadi takes care of Bechilove and Benaldson. Evenings are spent cooking food and getting the kids ready for another day at school.

Found out about where the father Benadi used to work and how he lost his job or how long father and mother has been together in the photo book.


Director Innocent

A day with Co-Director Rene “Maitre” Innocent. Discover the living conditions of the school head and his determination to provide education to kids from families in financial distress. Follow him while he is dealing with parents, teachers and pupils issues throughout the day. Uncover the never ending quest to knowledge when Maitre Innocent pursues his education in the afternoon by studying for a law degree. Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

Good Morning Sacrifices and Resilience


Getting ready for work, quick wash near his donated tent where he lives during the week so he can be near the school. Maitre Innocent’s family stays in a small shed outside the city where he goes the weekends. He is married with three kids.

Running a school Every day Challenges


Usually, first hours are spent dealing with various issues. Many parents cannot afford the school registration fees which are quite low (equivalent of a meal bought in a street food stall) hence the daily negotiations for instalments. Teachers and pupils might also request materials for classes or projects, unfortunately the school can barely provide the basic school supplies.
Sorting small conflicts between the kids, find ways to pay teachers wages and renewing the school state accreditation are other examples of matters to deal with on a daily basis.

Our main priorities are to build a safe school for those kids and insure teachers wages Rene Innocent

Never ending education On teaching and learning


Every afternoon, Maitre Innocent goes to a University for working adults to study for a Law degree. This law class running from 3PM to 5PM is about material damage and criminal law. Most evenings are spent preparing another day at school and studying for the law degree.


Found out about many other daily interactions between Maitre Innocent and AHADEPA community members in the photo book.