Pupils Bechilove & Benaldson

Meet the Exume family, the children Bechilove and Benaldson, the parents Chera and Benadi. Explore the parents’ difficulties to make ends meet, the children positive attitude towards school and learning, the realities of many families from the AHADEPA community simply aspiring for a better life. Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

GOOD MORNING Love and determination


The Exume family is getting the kids ready for school. Rice and bean sauce for breakfast followed by hair styling, shower, and shoe cleaning. Mother Chera is currently struggling with different small jobs every day, mostly selling in the streets various items bought in bulk. Father Benadi lost his job lately and is trying to find handyman jobs around.



Students start the day with morning activities including singing the national anthem, prayers and a stretching session.

Flexible Hours Learning on empty bellies


Benaldson and Bechilove are lucky to eat twice or three times a day. Some of their schoolmates only eat once a day hence the school finishing at 12PM instead of 2PM sometimes due to kids hunger.

Kids first Provide for one's family


Kids have rice and peas for lunch, parents eat once a day and have lunch if there are leftovers. Chera goes back to work in the afternoon while Benadi takes care of Bechilove and Benaldson. Evenings are spent cooking food and getting the kids ready for another day at school.

Found out about where the father Benadi used to work and how he lost his job or how long father and mother has been together in the photo book.

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