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A day with Co-Director Rene “Maitre” Innocent. Discover the living conditions of the school head and his determination to provide education to kids from families in financial distress. Follow him while he is dealing with parents, teachers and pupils issues throughout the day. Uncover the never ending quest to knowledge when Maitre Innocent pursues his education in the afternoon by studying for a law degree. Discover more in the photo book, consider participating to our crowdfunding campaign to help us build the new sustainable AHADEPA school.

Good Morning Sacrifices and Resilience


Getting ready for work, quick wash near his donated tent where he lives during the week so he can be near the school. Maitre Innocent’s family stays in a small shed outside the city where he goes the weekends. He is married with three kids.

Running a school Every day Challenges


Usually, first hours are spent dealing with various issues. Many parents cannot afford the school registration fees which are quite low (equivalent of a meal bought in a street food stall) hence the daily negotiations for instalments. Teachers and pupils might also request materials for classes or projects, unfortunately the school can barely provide the basic school supplies.
Sorting small conflicts between the kids, find ways to pay teachers wages and renewing the school state accreditation are other examples of matters to deal with on a daily basis.

Our main priorities are to build a safe school for those kids and insure teachers wages Rene Innocent

Never ending education On teaching and learning


Every afternoon, Maitre Innocent goes to a University for working adults to study for a Law degree. This law class running from 3PM to 5PM is about material damage and criminal law. Most evenings are spent preparing another day at school and studying for the law degree.


Found out about many other daily interactions between Maitre Innocent and AHADEPA community members in the photo book.

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